Explore Phoenix with these 8 Grid Bikes Routes
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Explore Phoenix with these 8 Grid Bikes Routes

Grid Bike Share routes

Explore Phoenix with these 8 Grid Bikes Routes

Lately, everywhere you look is a rack full of bright green bikes sporting smiley-face emoticons.

It’s Grid Bikes, a bike-share program that launched in Phoenix late last year. The majority of the program’s nearly 40 stations and 500 bicycles are clustered in Downtown and Midtown, and there are four different payment options: $5 hourly, $30 monthly, or $79 annually, with a student rate of $59 annually. The paid memberships all offer 60 free minutes of riding time per day.

We’ve put together some of our favorite Grid Bikes rides and destinations. If you’re looking for a fun ride, use these maps and routes to start your journey.

For the Temporary Tourist

Spend a day being a tourist in your own city. Start with a hearty breakfast at Matt’s Big Breakfast, then check out the arts district at Roosevelt Row — be sure to stop into Lawn Gnome Publishing and Made Art Boutique on 5th Street, as well as Eye lounge and Modified Arts just around the corner. After that, it’s lunch on the patio at The Vig Fillmore and an afternoon at the Arizona Science Center. The cherry on top is dinner at Pizzeria Bianco, one of Phoenix’s most widely renowned restaurants (we recommend making a reservation in advance).

Distance: 2.7 miles
Riding time: 18 minutes
Cost: $1.50

  1. Matt’s Big Breakfast: Pierce & 1st st station
  2. Lawn Gnome Publishing: 5th St & Roosevelt Station
  3. Made Art Boutique: 5th St & Roosevelt Station
  4. Eye Lounge: 5th St & Roosevelt Station
  5. Modified Arts: 5th St & Roosevelt Station
  6. The Vig Fillmore: 5th Ave & Fillmore station
  7. Arizona Science Center: 6th St & Monroe station
  8. Pizzeria Bianco: 6th St & Monroe station

For the Weekend Warriors

Phoenix is at its best on Saturday mornings. Start with free community yoga at Civic Space park, followed by a leisurely brunch at Paz Cantina and a stroll around the open-air Phoenix Public Market. Top it off with a short ride over to the AMC theater to catch a matinee of the latest flick.

Distance: 1.6 miles
Riding time: 9 minutes
Cost: $0.75

  1. Civic Space Park: Central & Taylor station
  2. Paz Cantina: 5th St & Roosevelt station
  3. Phoenix Public Market: pierce and 1st St station
  4. AMC Arizona Center 24: 3rd St & Taylor station

For the Art Afficionado

Phoenix art isn’t just relegated to First Friday art walks anymore. From museums to galleries to oddball film screenings, this ride has everything the critic’s heart could desire. Start by checking out free Culture Passes for the museum of your choice at the Burton Barr Central Library. From there, take a gander at the Phoenix Art Museum and the Heard Museum. The many galleries on Roosevelt Street and Grand Avenue are sure to satisfy whatever art cravings remain after your museum tours, and a film and beer at FilmBar are the perfect way to end the day.

Distance: 6 miles
Riding time: 40 minutes
Cost: $3.33

  1. Burton Barr Central Library for Culture Passes: Central & Willetta Station
  2. Phoenix Art Museum: Central & Willetta station
  3. Heard Museum: Central & Vernon Station
  4. Modified Arts: 5th St & Roosevelt station
  5. Eye Lounge: 5th St & Roosevelt station
  6. {9} the Gallery: Grand Ave and McKinley station
  7. Oasis on Grand: Grand Ave and McKinley station
  8. The Firehouse Gallery: Central & Roosevelt station
  9. The Alwun House: 10th St & Roosevelt station
  10. Film Bar: Pierce & 1st St station

For the Night Owl

Unwind with a cocktail at one of Phoenix’s many happy-hour spots, followed by a feature at FilmBar or a show at Crescent Ballroom, and a late-night snack at Welcome Diner.

Distance: 2.7 miles
Riding time: 19 minutes
Cost: $1.58

  1. Fez: Central Ave. and Roosevelt station
  2. FilmBar: Pierce & 1st St station
  3. Crescent Ballroom: Adams & 2nd Ave station
  4. Welcome Diner: Roosevelt & 10th St station

For the Vintage Enthusiast

Who says there’s no shopping in Phoenix? There are tons of locally-owned stops along this boutique-centric ride. Check out Annie Boomer, GrowOp, Mercantile and Clutter House for some retro, vintage finds, or Frances and Bunky Boutique for a more handmade look (be sure to check out Bunky’s exclusive line of AZ Love items while you’re there).

Distance: 5.1 miles
Riding time: 33 minutes
Cost: $2.75

  1. Bunky Boutique: Central & Willetta station
  2. Made Art Boutique: 5th St & Roosevelt station
  3. Annie Boomer Vintage: 5th St & Roosevelt station
  4. GrowOp: 5th St & Roosevelt station
  5. Mercantile: Central & Roosevelt station
  6. Frances: Central and Camelback station
  7. Clutter House: Central and Camelback station

For the Fitness Fanatic

Phoenix loves its fitness, and thanks to Sutra Midtown and the Downtown YMCA, there is no shortage of classes all over Central Phoenix. Get the most out of your workout by combining any of these biking destinations with a quick jog around Margaret T. Hance Park or Steele Indian School Park.

Distance: 7.6 miles
Riding time: 48 minutes
Cost: $4.00

  1. Yoga and mimosas at the Newton: Central & Camelback station
  2. Steele Indian School Park:  Central & Glenrosa station
  3. Rooftop yoga at the Clarendon: 4th Ave & Clarendon station
  4. Urban Yoga: Central & Lexington station
  5. Sutra Midtown: 8th St & Sheridan station
  6. Margaret T. Hance Park: Central & Roosevelt station
  7. Core CrossFit: 7th St & Garfield station
  8. Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA: Central & Taylor station
  9. Community yoga at Civic Space Park: Central & Taylor station

For the Boozy Biker

Phoenix has seen an explosion lately of microbreweries and handcrafted cocktails. Take a tour of the libations the city has to offer by hitting any combination of these lounges conveniently near Grid Bike stations.
Note: We recommend splitting this ride into multiple trips. Be aware of your alcohol consumption and ride at your own risk.

Distance: 6.8 miles
Riding time: 44 minutes
Cost: $3.66

  1. First Draft Book Bar: Central & Camelback station
  2. George and Dragon English Pub: Central & Glenrosa station
  3. Mother Bunch Brewing: 7th St & Garfield
  4. The Lost Leaf: 5th St & Roosevelt station
  5. Fez: Central & Roosevelt station
  6. DeSoto Central Market: Central & Roosevelt station
  7. Angel’s Trumpet Ale House: 1st St & Pierce station
  8. Downtown Public House (formerly The Turf): 1st St & Pierce station
  9. Phoenix Public Market Café: 1st St & Pierce station
  10. Seamus McCaffrey’s: Adams & 1st Ave station
  11. Bitter and Twisted Cocktail Parlor: 1st St & Washington station
  12. Blue Hound Kitchen and Cocktails: 1st St & Washington station
  13. The Corner: 1st St & Washington station

For The Caffeine Junkie

If you love coffee as much as we do, then this ride is for you. Again, this ride might be best split into multiple trips. But for the true caffeine freak, or for a marathon of remote work sessions, here is a list of the coffee shops and tea houses situated near Grid Bike stations. Want to learn more about Phoenix Coffee Culture? Read the stories of the folks behind your lattes here, and check out our interactive map here.

Distance: 10.6 miles
Riding time: 72 minutes
Cost $6.00

  1. First Draft: Central & Camelback station
  2. Lux Central: Central & Campbell station
  3. Copper Star: 7th Ave & Glenrosa station
  4. Urban Beans: Mitchell & 7th St station
  5. Roll Over Donuts (formerly Shine Coffee): Central & Vernon station
  6. Hob Nobs: 5th Ave and McDowell station
  7. Giant Coffee: Central & Willetta station
  8. Fair Trade Roosevelt: Central & Roosevelt station
  9. Tea & Toast Co.: Central & Roosevelt station
  10. Jobot: 5th St & Roosevelt station
  11. Songbird: 5th St & Roosevelt station
  12. Fair Trade Civic Space: Central & Taylor station
  13. Third Space: Grand Ave & 10th Ave station
  14. Mornin’ Moonshine: Adams & 1st Ave station
  15. Cartel: 1st St & Washington station
  16. One Coffee Co.: 1st St & Washington station
  17. Royal Coffee Bar: 6th St & Monroe station

What is your best Grid Bike ride? Which of these routes will you try? Share your favorites in the comments below.

Chloe Brooks

Chloe Brooks is an Arizona transplant who loves Downtown Phoenix like a member of her family. She is a blogger and journalist whose work focuses on Phoenix issues. Chloe is a firm believer in the healing power of hot coffee and a long walk, and has never owned a driver's license.

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