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Downtown Donuts

  • Downtown Phoenix donuts

About This Project

Last month’s envision project looked at redesigning the streetscape in front of the historic Luhrs complex. This month’s project was a proposal by native Phoenician, Alec Perkins, for a donut shop in the Luhrs arcade. His proposal was in response to Project Rising PHX’s initial call for ideas. Although his proposal was not picked for the Luhrs arcade, This Could Be PHX is a fan of the idea and we think that a local donut shop would be a great addition to downtown Phoenix. –Like Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Oregon–which has a line out the door every time of the day–the right donut business can be an asset to the city and its economy.

The Location

This proposal is for a new donut shop and bakery in the vacant Luhrs arcade south of CityScape along Jefferson Street. Currently there are three vacant storefronts in the Luhrs complex along with a Subway restaurant. Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour will soon fill in the eastern storefront adjacent to the project site.

The Concept

The building concept consists of opening up the arcade to the sidewalk, providing an indoor/outdoor counter, take-away window and a glass rolltop door. To add to the sidewalk ambiance, strung lighting and vines would be used to create a streetfront canopy. There will also be seating along the sidewalk and bike racks for all those Phoenix cyclists. The interior will consist of ample seating, a display and ordering counter as well as communal and lounge seating.

Why Donuts?

Downtown Phoenix needs places for people during non-office hours that provide incentive for them to come to downtown and live here as well. In many cities, the local donut shop is a place to meet up and to connect with your neighbors. Distinctive donut shops strengthen neighborhood identity and a sense of community. This project will give downtown Phoenicians a place to call their own, and a chance to mingle with the business commuters grabbing a donut on their way in to work. A place that everyone can come to and hang out. Granted, donuts are filled with fat and carbohydrates, but if they entice people to a more walkable downtown lifestyle, that’s what really matters in the long run for both health and urban life.

Project Location

Jefferson and Central Ave.

Created By

Alec Perkins


Architectural Designer

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