This Could Be Phoenix | Nicole Suhr
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Author: Nicole Suhr

Downtown Phoenix Wedding
27 May

This IS Phoenix: A Love Story and a Downtown Wedding

Wine Walk Downtown Phoenix chose us as a couple, or at least I like to think of it that way. We met at Carly's, had our first date at Fez, got engaged at Durant's; of course, it didn't happen as quickly as that, but Phoenix certainly fostered our relationship along the way. I lived at a studio apartment on Roosevelt Street at the time. We filled our weekends with self made brunches on the balcony, local festivals in the parks, and even purchased a tandem to cart us around the city. We were every bit in love with each other as we were with Downtown Phoenix. Steve proposed to me on a rainy day in December. The seasonal, multi-colored string lights inside Durant's will forever ignite a twinkle in me. It was there, in that plush, red booth, we knew the only place we could get married was Downtown.