Urban Lifestyle & Culture | This Could Be Phoenix - Part 3
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Urban Lifestyle & Culture

Wine Walk Downtown Phoenix chose us as a couple, or at least I like to think of it that way. We met at Carly's, had our first date at Fez, got engaged at Durant's; of course, it didn't happen as quickly as that, but Phoenix certainly fostered our relationship along the way. I lived at a studio apartment on Roosevelt Street at the time. We filled our weekends with self made brunches on the balcony, local festivals in the parks, and even purchased a tandem to cart us around the city. We were every bit in love with each other as we were with Downtown Phoenix. Steve proposed to me on a rainy day in December. The seasonal, multi-colored string lights inside Durant's will forever ignite a twinkle in me. It was there, in that plush, red booth, we knew the only place we could get married was Downtown.

Some people think driving a car is the only way to get around Phoenix. With our sprawl and less-than-luxurious transit service, that’s true in some cases. Many of my Downtown Phoenix friends get around almost exclusively by bike. But for me, living 16 miles out and working in the heart of Downtown, riding the RAPID bus to work is a blessing. Here are some things I've learned along the way.

1. Travel light

Cars let you carry all kinds of things "just in case." Clothes, blankets, chairs, tote bags, snacks, books on their way to the library, yard sale leftovers headed for Goodwill. It’s lazy and wasteful, adding weight and reducing your miles per gallon. Riding transit, I think about today and carry only what I need. It makes me feel stronger and more self-sufficient.

You get what this post is about from the title. I don't have a car. And I live and work in Phoenix. But let me be clear on one point... this isn't a story about how I came to my senses that my gas guzzling SUV was evil and I could manage without one. I didn't suddenly decide to truly embody my 'urbanist' vision and forego four wheels of transportation for my two legs (even though I wasn't opposed to it). This also isn't about not ever getting in a car or using a car. I do that too. This is about not owning a car in Phoenix, and how I make it work in a city that isn't typically known for a car-free life. The fact of the matter is that I had a car. And it was stolen. All of a sudden, I was faced with a big decision I knew I was going to make at some point in the near future anyway...Car or no car?

You live where?! That’s right, I live in Downtown Phoenix. Now let me tell you why. Have you ever woken up to a beautiful city skyline right outside your window? For anyone who appreciates the city, a view of the skyline is as picturesque as it can get. With the cities unique architecture sculpting the skyline, each building adds to the individuality of the city. Here in Phoenix, the city carves its own identity out of the orange, red and purple backdrop produced by the magnificent sunsets. From the balcony of my fourth floor apartment on Roosevelt Street, the whole city is on display for my enjoyment.  I can even see part of the new Arizona State Recreation Center which I spent one year of my life as an integral part of the design team and another year on the construction administration team. There is nothing more gratifying to me than being a part of shaping the fabric of Downtown Phoenix – my home.